Milky Way over La Palma Observatory


In July 2021 I flew with @florian orth for 2 weeks to La Palma. In this time I had some plans, among other things this picture. The Milky Way above the large telescope domes of La Palma's observatory. Actually, I wanted to choose a different image detail with more domes but when I saw this stone path during the climb, which fit perfectly as foreground, I wanted to include the with and insert myself yet.

We were also fortunately rewarded with perfect conditions on our first night! No wind, no Sahara dust and no clouds (Which are very rare anyway) ūüėÄ

This picture is one of my best and will definitely be for a long time!





Sony a7s astromodified


Samyang 35mm f1.4, set to f2.5 during shooting


Rollei c6i / Skywatcher Star adventurer Pro Pack


No filtering on this shot


21 panels for the sky, each with 4×30 seconds single shots (2 minutes total) 

27 pannels for foreground with 30 seconds exposure each


Stacked and calibrated with flats, darks and bias in Astropixelprocessor

Edited with Pixinsight and Photoshop

Detail photos