35mm Milky Way panorama above the clouds


The Canary Islands, including La Palma, is known for the fact that you can simply drive over the clouds to photograph. The trade wind clouds are usually at about 800-1000 meters (sometimes higher). Therefore, one can simply drive on the over 2000 meter high mountain Roque de los Muchachos to enjoy the starry sky! Other clouds on higher air layers are also possible but quite rare. You can assume (also from personal experience) that you will almost always have clear skies above. With exceptions of sandstorms, also called Calima, or when the clouds come high enough...

In this picture you can see how these clouds fill the valley and thus still give a nice effect in the picture!





Sony a7s astromodified


Samyang 35mm f1.4, set to f2.5 during shooting


Rollei c6i / Skywatcher Star adventurer Pro Pack


No filtering for this shot


9 pannels for the sky with 30 seconds exposures each

12 pannels for foreground with 30min exposure each


Composited with ICE (Image Composite Editor)

Edited with Photoshop and Lightroom

Detail photos